The walk-in clinic will be up and running in late June 2021. The initial targeted population will be some of the patients from Dr. Friesen’s former full service family practice which is winding down to accommodate his later career years and new upcoming grand fatherhood status. With additional colleague help, the demographic can be expanded to include the general populations of Springwater and contiguous townships as well as the northwestern portions of the city of Barrie and beyond. Flexible scheduling will allow Dr. Friesen adequate absences to fulfill the mandate of implementing the proposed growth plan for the Sunnidale Medical Centre.

This walk-in clinic would not be available to adequately service those with complicated ongoing or serious illnesses, those with frequent lab work, multiple consultant involvement or frequent hospitalization since there is nobody to interpret the paper or electronic transmission generated by such involved conditions when the clinic is closed. This is similar to most walking clinics. Dr. Friesen retains sole discretion in ascertaining who is suitable for using this clinic. Those with large administrative loads (eg. Insurance and legal battles, conflicts with employers or agencies such as WSIB etc.) are similar scenarios not easily amenable to this model. These problems are more appropriately seen by a full service family doctor practice.

Everyone is encouraged to bring an up-to-date list of medications at each visit.


A major thrust is underway to acquire two full service family physicians. These individuals could be part of the Barrie Community Family Health Team or an alternate funding model. It is expected that they could also be involved in the walk-in clinic or the vasectomy clinic. Preference might lean towards those with a decade or more of experience but all profiles would be considered. One male and one female would represent the ideal mix. They could also fulfill a deputy managerial function as Dr. Friesen generally scales back his workload.


It is felt that a dental office on the 2nd floor of this building would be a definite asset. The upper story is serviced buy a handicap lift (small elevator) and is maintained by Elevator One (commercial elevator company) according to TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) regulations. An entire new community recently created neighbouring the Sunnidale Medical Centre would be well served by this dental facility. Preliminary dental contacts have been established and are being cultivated. Further details to be posted when available.


It is proposed that this will be up and running by the end of 2021. Several physicians have been approached regarding involvement in this venture with an overwhelming positive response. Prospective patients would arrive with a booked appointment but without a referral and see one of the physicians present in the adjoining family practice for screening and be referred onto the attending surgeon. The same operating rooms could also be used for other medical procedures similarly performed under local anesthesia. All procedures would be conducted in compliance with the standards set in guidelines of the College of Physicians and surgeons of Ontario.