Welcome to Sunnidale Medical Centre. The current structure was built on the site of a previous home. Dr. Friesen and one other physician started in this facility in November 1992. The building is owned by Sunnidale Health Inc. whose entire shares are owned by  Dr. Nelson Friesen, who has operated a general medical practice and who manages the building. It is a structure quite unlike any other medical facility in Simcoe County. It includes an outdoor garden waiting room suitable for use from May to late October. This area is intended as a pastoral enclave for calmness and not a playground for rowdiness. These dynamics will be strictly enforced as such.


Over the years the building has hosted an array of services primarily including medical practices but also physiotherapy and pharmacy (the latter two no longer represented in the building). Most of the more recent structural developments have been towards the eventuality which is now upon us – after 42 years of practice Dr. Friesen is relinquishing the banner as a full service family doctor with the taper starting at the end of May 2021. The timeframe over the last couple years exacerbated by 15 months of pandemic hare made it difficult to make the upcoming transition in a seamless or parallel fashion and necessitates the unveiling of the next 10 to 15 year plan in the following fashion .


Our 10 to 15 year plan includes:

  1. Walk-in clinic on ground floor
  2. Full service family doctors on ground floor
  3. 2 operating rooms on ground floor
  4. Dentist and associates on upper floor

Staff assigned to the ground floor will have overlapping duties.

These changes come with the expenditure of considerable time, energy and cost. It is expected that the clientele using this facility will match these parameters with the respect commensurate for a true symbiotic relationship. I have confidence that the changes described above will provide a very unique and satisfying patient experience.


Our outdoor area is intended as a pastoral enclave for calmness.
Suitable for use from May to late October.